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Suka Stone

Juno ~ Joy Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Juno ~ Joy Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

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So if you love diffusing oils in your home you will love these!


The joyous, fresh, energising and uplifting scent of citrus fruits will clear your emotional clouds to let the sunshine in, lifting your mood and helping to ease anxiety, depression and stress.  

Embrace life with JUNO goddess of joyous celebration.

Aromatic description

Crisp, fresh and clean citrus aroma 

Blended with

Frankincense- centering

Clary sage- natural antidepressant

Pink Grapefruit- invigorating and mood balancing

Lemon- refreshing

Sweet orange-uplifting

Bergamot- motivating

Vegan, 100% Natural Oils Blend, Toxin Free

Packaged in 10ml recyclable Amber Glass with dripolator.

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