Frequently Asked Questions

What are your candles made of?

Our candles are made from beautiful Coco-Soy wax designed right here is Australia. The wax we use has no palm or paraffin giving the candle a beautiful creamy finish and clean burn.

What are your candle sizes?

Our candles come in various shapes, sizes and designs. The size will always be located in the product description on this website.

What concrete is used in your products?

We use all natural Australian made products where possible. Our concrete range is made from exactly what it says "Concrete". An environmentally friendly concrete product which is a high strength combination of cement, aggregates, sand, fibres, oxides and water. Suká's concrete is made right here in Australia and is designed to withstand high temperatures giving us the ability to pour hot wax into the vessels for candles.

What are your Stone products made from?

Our Stoneware Collection is a unique Australian made eco- friendly acrylic resin. We are able to achieve gorgeous pastels and bright colour combos using pigments and acrylic ink, the final result is a beautiful stone like finish.

How do i care for my candles?

That's a fantastic question....please check out our Candle Safety and Care page here !

Why does my piece have variations?

As the saying goes....Perfectly Imperfect !

Due to the nature of our materials, sometimes there may be small air bubbles or variations during the curing process. We do try our utmost to minimise these as much as possible. Please allow for minor imperfections and inconsistencies as each piece is handmade and one-of a kind.